Grave Raven – Binary Fusion Review • Simple Perfection

Let me start off by saying that right out of the box both me and my son were like “No way!” “Nuh-unh….let’s sell thing thing ASAP!”…yet here I am today to tell you that I am a changed man. I have to admit that I have never had a spinner become a EDC for me that I did not consider worthy of doing tricks with….that’s just how I am….but this little wonder has made me change my ways. It’s true…out of the box I was not impressed…”It is soooooo small!!!” I was thinking to myself….I could not figure out how to get up on it to flick and pull ….argh I was just not feeling it…then it happened. I fiddled with it long enough to find a way…to pull…to flick…not just in my dominant hand but in both!!! WTF? How is this possible….on top of it all I get 5:00 min plus on in hand spin times….seriously!

So…it is not a trick wizard spinner…nope it’s not kids sorry. Well at least not in this rendition which is the Tungsten/Copper body. It is simply one badass hand spinner…and has become the 1st of what I fear to be many more spinners that blow my mind that I can’t really do most of my favorite arial tricks with because it can’t stay spinning in the air for me….but OH WELL!!!! Who cares….it’s really all about the spin anyway I am realizing now that the Grave Raven has sunk it’s teeth into me.

At the moment of writing this I have been using it as my EDC for the past week or more. Love it! I feel that the body is beginning to get a nice copper tint patine to it. Again…really can’t express how much this thing rocks!

One of the features that makes it so awesome is all of it’s edges and sides are so soft and supple….it is a wonder to hold and just rub your thumb across the ends like a worry stone in your pocket.

All in all I say get your buns over to and sign up on the waiting list. I did a few months ago and eventually my number came up and I was issued a $1000 discount code to use on the site.

I plan on getting some additional buttons so that I can customize mine with my dremmel and add some gauging on the edges to have more grip as the stock buttons are fairly slippery…but still great.

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