Compoform – Hydra – From Russia With Love

I gave this review the title ‘From Russia With Love’ because the folks over at Compoform  put a whole lot of love into the spinner that they make. Take a look at the Hydra spinner. The forced patina, the wooden case/stand that it comes in, even the bearing retention system they developed, there are layers and layers of love here.

Compoform are based in Russia and they do most of their work on a pre-order basis. Love that business model. Smart cats over there, I should take some notes I could learn something. So the spinners are essentially made to order. There are different types of patina they offer and finishing I believe. They have since offered a few other models of spinners but the Hydra is their flagship spinner to date. The best way I have found to follow along with them is the Compoform  Facebook page. They do a great job of updating it with new models and also have some killer giveaways there if you pay attention.

The spinner uses a R188 bearing, and since they have a retention system that allows you to easily, with needle nose pliers, to remove the tension ring to get the bearing out since it is not glued in you can try all kinds of bearings in there to find your liking. I think the bearing that it ships with works great.

One of my favorite features of the spinner are the buttons. The are flat and smooth but the patina or something in the finishing gives it a slight texture that even though it is smooth it is not slippery smooth. I like that. Also…notice there is a thickness to the this thing that creates a lot of space between the buttons when holding it with two fingers. It is refreshing to have my fingers not so close together when applying them on both buttons at the same time. I am not saying that they are ‘better’ like this I just like that it is different and I think that is a huge reason that I have had a hard time keeping this around even though it has not become an everyday carry for me…yet. It is a little clunky to be a regular pocket carry, it’s not like slipping a torqbar or a cocoon into your pocket or something.

For spin time I get a just at 2:00 mins for a hard in hand pull, there is not a lot of wobble per say but there is a good amount of feedback from the spinner and from a spinner that sports a R188.

There is a lot of play in the spinner but this does not correspond into a wobble in fact it spins very well and regardless of how you try to flip the gyro in your hand while it is spinning. The weight of the spinner is 100.5 grams. The Hydra starts at $120 and can go up depending on features.

If you are looking to place a pre-order you need to fill out their google from found here:

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