Medieval • Tri-Nuke • “Blowin’ Up The Industry”


The Tri-Nuke by Medieval Spinners is a very well built spinner, I got my hands on both the brass and copper…in fact it was back on June 21st when I got the following message in my inbox from Medieval Spinners it read;

China finally decided to steal my designs. They have begun to produce the Tri-Nuke and the Fatboy Nuke. So I’m fighting back the only way I know how. Giving you guys an awesome deal before they make a penny. If you have already purchased one THANK YOU, if you haven’t picked one up yet they are only $25! You simply can beat this level of awesome for only twenty five bucks. After the Pre-order ends on Sunday 6.25.17 at 6pm Central time. I plan to put them on Amazon for $39 after all pre-orders have been fulfilled. Please don’t miss out on the savings if you are considering purchasing. As always you guys ROCK! And thanks for making the Medieval family freakin Awesome!”

Holy crap! That’s gangster! Love it! At the time I was into the idea of hammering spinners…or customizing them somehow…so I bought 5 of each, and to support the F&#@ China Cloners movement! Some of them will be available at for a limited time.
So that is some history…they did what they said they were going to do too…took awhile to deliver the 10 we ordered but we got them and damn that is a lot of spinner there kids…getting 3:30 mins on a table spin. Lots of gyro on it too, a real joy to spin. The caps are lightweight as they are anodized aluminum…but I think they work really well against the bulk and weight of the spinner. I also really like the shape of the buttons and the texture the finish has. All in all … I am gonna have to keep one for the collection for sure! They both weigh in at about 108 grams….they got some heft. The size is just under the size of a standard large spinner….but this is by no means a mini…it is from 2.0-2.5” in width.

It works well for tricks if you can hang with the size and weight…I personally like to do tricks with larger heavier spinners sometimes…just feels good. Being that they sold them at a lower price than originally intended, as a business move, I thought maybe they would cut corners on the machining…but really…to the naked eye these are pretty great. I can’t see anything to complain about on the ones that we opened to review. The machining looks clean, and the shape is really nice. The ones I tried felt very balances. No wobble.  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a micro or mini Tri-nuke that would be swell…..maybe even outta damasteel….but I would not be surprised if they got something brewing over there at Medieval Spinners. I love the move they made with this one.

This spinner truly blew up the industry…it is a landmark moment in business and intellectual property rights. A big reason I love the EDC scene  and spinners specifically is the passion that the makers have for the craft and the support that the community gives back…that is what got us here and will get us where we need to go. Spin on….spin wisely my friends….just watch your ass you might get CLONED out there kids.



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