Aroundsquare •  Knucklebone SS • The Godfather of Fidget Devices

1st off let me cut to the chase…this was the best $40 I have spent on a fidget device in months! Now that is out of the bag let’s talk about this bad boy. It is a hefty device. The SS Knucklebone weighs in at  79 grams. When I was first reading about these in a FB post I heard people mentioning to start with one of the Delrin models, Delrin being a hard dense plastic material. When I first got the SS in my hand the initial thought was “Oh crap what have I done? I can’t start with this thing…it’s too heavy…it’s a beast!”. Then a day went by where it was in my hand more than any other fidget device ever had been…this thing makes NO noise…well until you drop it that is a different story 😛

So compared to a fidget spinner there are so many ways that you can use this and not cause distraction where a traditional fidget spinner might, unless you only do the one-drop uber silent ninja style bearings and such, even still I feel that this type of device allows it to be used in many more situations.

So the Stainless Steel is a heavyweight animal….for real. It also drops in a way that all it’s force hits just right and it can deliver a mighty blow, and make a might sound as well. Honestly I won’t be surprised if someone breaks a toe with one of these, so that being said take the proper precautions when trying to get busy with it! I say if you are trying to get speedy and attacking tricks with it for sure go Delrin 1st to get the flow of the thing and avoid injury to self or damage to your kuncklebone. In fact I could not wait to order one and have it shipped so I made some of my own out of wood…they are great for an introduction piece to train with.

(please note the wooden ones shown are ones I made for myself, they are not an Aroundsquare product…I was SUPER inspired and could not wait to get a Delrin one…oh yeah already said that)

The nice thing about the Delrin, or wood, is that when dropped the sounds is bearable…the sound that the SS puts put can be intense if falling onto concrete or metal. I was in a restaurant the other night…the base of the center table leg was a huge, steel round…I was fidgeting with it under the table and dropped it…”PING!” the whole restaurant looks over…I instinctively was looking up at the ceiling like “WTF?”, my son said it was great…no one knew what had happened…that being said. It happened again…damn….love this thing can’t put it down to spin a spinner for the past 3 days.

Clearly I love the Knucklebone, what is not to like. It has a honest storyline to it’s discovery. The maker, Matthew Hiebert, made his first model in 1989 out of clay….here is a description of this process from their website:

Note from the designer: I developed the original knucklebone circa 1989 when I was a kid in school. The crude original version was made from some kind of polymer clay (see photo). The new version is better suited to bigger hands, and has been designed for smoother flow and better trick potential.  

This device is the God Father of Fidget Devices in my opinion. It is already being brought into the spinner scene with the recent release by many makers of spinning stick style spinners, along with the Axiom SpinPin which looks very similar to the Knucklebone but has a bearing at the base of each balled end. This next year might just be the year of the KnuckleBone Invasion. I don’t see how the Cloners won’t catch onto these and try to flood the market, when that does happen keep in mind how bad that get’s on a lot of levels and make sure to support the makers like Aroundsquare who will take the time and effort to deliver a top quality product.

All this talk and I forgot to mention how nice the packaging is…the box is solid and it comes with a cool patch of the company logo! According to the description there will be some developments in the offering possibly adding a carry bag to them in the future but for now…I am totally stoked and satisfied. Can’t wait to score me a Titanium Knucklebone…that sounds to me like the perfect winning combo of materials and weight…but a Zirc….oh now that would just be the bomb. That added texture that Zirc gives, holy crap people please sign up for the Knuckle Bone Lover’s Facebook page and let’s get the interest up for a run in Zirc. That would be AWESOME!

Honestly I think this is a great device. I play instruments and I think for those that do things where separation of left and right side is needed these are great tools to keep that part of your brain agile. I was fidgeting with it in a my hand and not really paying attention to it, then suddenly realized I was killing it doing tricks I didn’t “know” how 2 do in my mind…I was like “Did I just use 2 hands?”…nope my thumb was coming in with the assist and I was not consciously aware of it…now that my friends, is a hard thing to make your brain/body do with a fidget spinner….just saying…trust me and try one out. You can see all the Knuclebones and other awesome goods like Beglari beads and more at the Aroundsquare website. Take care and fidget to your minds content.


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