Saint Cell – MK1 • Urban Legend?

Let me start by saying I was not planning on reviewing this spinner, at least not today….in fact this spinner is one of the FEW in my collection that I did not obtain directly from the manufacturer. That being said I have no reason to believe that it is not ‘real’, as in there is no way this is a clone and if it is KUDOS…they nailed.

All jokes aside….there was an inquiry on the  Spinspace forum on Facebook that asked if this actually was made and how sexy it is. TRUTH….it really is sexy and I already had these pics shot so here goes my thoughts.
Lets start with the packaging…a magnetically closed aluminum box. Nice touch. 

Now for a look inside:

It uses an R188 bearing and it comes with an additional one for you to have. It also come with pre-installed Trits….this one was done in Green and Yellow. I have to admit that the standard trit diameter leaves them to be so dim that they really do not usually do much for me but these trits are super large in diameter and length and put off a TON of light. In fact that is a huge reason that I have been unable to part with this one…even though I do not take to out to carry any where.

They claimed on their website when this page was still live that each piece took over 10 hours on the mill to make and I do not doubt it. There is a lot of work on this and I believe the body to be Titanium and it was machined very very clean. Very impressive if you can find one I highly recommend checking it out.

While it is a bar spinner it is super super stable and had very little wobble when hand spinning it and rotating your wrist to feel the gyro effect in your hand….this thing is very very well balanced.

All in all this is a unique piece that will not disappoint and will be hard for any one to really replicated.

My guess is this was too costly for them to really profit on them so they were not able to bring too many to market. Will be curious to hear about the new Kepler design that they recently dropped…..look very cool as well.  Till next time I am triggered 2 report. ALOHA!






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