Metalworn • Beacon V2 • Ti • ‘Spinning Art’

This is my kind of spinner….just so many ways that I love this thing it is hard to decide where to start. I guess I will start by saying I do find this to be a spinner you will either LOVE or HATE….no middle ground. So find it just overwhelming and not to their liking but that is ok cause that leave more for us that LOVE this thing like me.

This was my first Metalworn spinner and that being said it was the first time I found myself spending over $200 for a spinner too. Man what was I thinking right? Well I have bought a few more since then at a range of prices all at or above the price of this one so it goes without saying that I was sold after owning this one. For a bar spinner it is very stable. When all the nuts and springs are set just right this thing spins smooth like a beast. Then after some time you will notice a wobble or something off…and you know it need to be tweaked…something is off…the maintenance on this is a huge component of what people LOVE/HATE about it.

The springs and the ability to push down on either side and compress them into the center is a really unique feature that I really enjoy about the Beacon. I coach Basketball and I swear that I avoided a few technical fouls last year by having this one in my pocket so I could squeeze, squeeze, squeeze it when I was frustrated with the refs or something like that. This piece is so unique! LOVE it!

The shape and texture are also awesome, I love the contours of the rounded edges The metal is soft quite possibly sandblasted on parts….feels great to the touch.

The reality is that often times each piece is a custom work of Art because of the way that John hand anodize these badboys himself I believe. This is not a spin time record breaker in fact I rarely get much more than 30 seconds out if a hard hand spin but that is not why you buy this spinner anyway. You buy it to check out the funky cool design and carry something that is equally art as it is functional.

While I do not carry this every day at the moment I did for quite sometime and because of that I do not see myself wanting to part with it anytime soon. I do still carry it from time to time just not everyday so….until it goes a month with no carry it will stay in the collection is the plan for now….I guess. Gonna have to start carry 4 at a time…..wait I think I already do some days. 😛


Here is a link to a maintenance video that has owner John Doueihi going over how to assemble one of his Beacon spinners. Enjoy:

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