Metalworn • Turbine V3 • Zirconium • Just For The Fun Of It!

This was not the 1st Metalworn spinner I have purchased and it most likely will not be the last. This is pure enjoyment and art all tied together into one amazing piece. There are some slight hot spots depending on how you choose to spin, but it is totally possible to spin for long periods of time and not feel your hands getting too worn out….but maybe that is what John at Metalworn does on purpose, I mean let’s face it if you are into using a fidget spinner you might have found out the hard way that you can over do it. Some spinners are too smooth to notice in the moment that they are tearing up your body in unseen ways. Maybe having a spinner that after a prolonged period of time beings to affect the comfort of your hand actually can prevent you from a greater, deep damage. But who knows.

What I can tell you is the this is a nice big chunk of Zirconium. It feels really good to hold in your hand, not too heavy yet substantial. The rainbow finish on it is subtle yet amazing at the same time. The way that the rainbow reflects when it is spinning is great too, not just in warping videos but even to the naked eye.
Flicking it is the most uncomfortable thing to try, but it is doable just not for long periods at all. Pulls are where it is at with this, and like I said the edges might limit the options for spinning it, it is ART and I love this thing. I find it hard to find a day that I will part with it as I have come to really enjoy it both for spinning and just to stare at and say….how does John do it?

In fact my favorite part about spinning it is ½ the feel of the body spinning, and ½ the feeling of the buttons. John makes some amazing buttons that is for sure. I absolutely love the texture and grip that the design and shape of these buttons gives when spinning it. It makes me feel comfortable spinning it very fast and trying some things that I would normally lose control of the spinner trying with other buttons but these help me grip it really really well. I would love to get buttons like these for other spinners I have.

If you are on the fence about trying any Metalworn item I can tell you that pictures do not do his work full justice, but we tried as hard as we could to represent it as good as possible because this work is top shelf kids!



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