Van Pelt Spinner Stand – Licensed To Spin

If you have spinners and you have a desk then this thing is just right for you. Not only does it provide hours of spinning pleasure, it just looks bad ass. I find it a great way to put your favorite spinner of the moment on display for all to see. It is also a great way to measure vertical spin times.

The cool thing about the stand is that it can take R188 or 608 bearings because of how it was designed. It is very easy to swap out spinners at will.

You can get these in a few anodized colors but the raw aluminum frame is where it is at in my opinion as it will not show scratched over time a much as an anodized one might…but not like you are gonna be carrying this around in your pocket so maybe nothing to worry about scratching it or not.

All in all the price of the stand alone is around $100 so of you already have a handful of nice spinners why not try something new to add to your scene? This is a unique item that won‘t let you down.

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