Chris Bathgate – S1V2 Slider – Form meets Fidget

…and it’s love at 2nd site.

This was my 1st Bathgate item that I ever held in my hand. I did not have the opportunity to purchase it directly from his website….I entered the game a little late. I had been on the sidelines admiring the work of Chris Bathgate for sometime but only knew about his larger, way more out of my price range items….so I kinda stopped window shopping for awhile and was not aware of all the smaller items he began releasing….man are they cool. This is the S1V2 …the S standing for slider I believe and the V standing for version as this is the 2nd version of the slider in this style and form….and OH does it have a form to behold!

A lot of what many people are drawn to in the work of Chris Bathgate are his forms, so sleek and organic feeling….then they are married with this modern, technical, design oriented form.

Below I have included a link to the video that Chris Bathgate posted to youtube regarding this item. The main thing he says is that, “It’s not a zippo…” referring to the fact that you are not supposed to try to slide it open as hard as you can as it can slide out causing the spring and ball to pop out if you are not careful. You kinda need to inform a newby when handing it off if you do not want to have the spring and ball bouncing onto the floor….it’s art get over it! So you can’t open it as hard as you can…you can close it as hard as you freekin’ want….over and over and over …. So it’s fine it you need a HEAVY click out of it….you can get one…just every other one.


The casing is made of anodized aluminum…and the slider mech is stainless steel giving it a nice heft to the core of the slider… how it feels in my hand. Not just clicking it back and forth but spinning it around 180 degrees two times to bring it around in my hand in between each click…becomes more like a worry stone vibe with this movement…it feels good….it sounds good. These days people are selling them off used for $300 and up…who knows what they will be worth when you are reading this article…odds are the value will stay where it it and eventually start to go up for the ones kept in good shape as the numbers were very limited and the EDC market is going to be steadily growing….so…..hold onto your Bathgate with your bitcoin kids. Look the back of the collectors INFO card even comes actually signed….with a pen…by the artist….that is the goods.


Review of slider and operation by Chris Bathgate can be viewed here

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