808 Spinner – Gen 1 – made by WooSah! USA – The Genesis of a Brand



If you have not noticed I got bit by the fidget spinner bug and we just can’t get enough of them around here. Living on Maui, Hawaii it wasn’t long before the Kukui nut was lit in my mind…the idea of a spinner shaped like the state area code 808 was born…and it came in the form of the less than average sketch below:
After deciding that I was going to re-launch my old website www.coolestshop.com with my son who had introduced me to fidget spinners I was talking around to many makers of fidget spinners to see about selling their products on our site. The folks at WooSah! USA were one of the first to want to tackle the 808 Spinner design. They made it happen and we were sent our first prototypes and we loved them! We ordered our first run of 25 raw aluminum body and had ½ made with r188 bearings and the other ½ with 608 bearings, so we could please both crowds.

Being that we also were working with NTO, I decided to remove the 608 bearing from one of my Gen1’s and install a RevCore….and that became my personal EDC….for a long long time.

I love the added weight to the core and the buttons, personally NTO Double Stacked buttons are one of my all time favorites.

Due to liking this set up so much I had some Stainless Steel Revcores purchased from NTO and got a few more of the 608’s ready to go with that option. We have only 8 to ever sell to the public outfitted with  NTO SS Revcore…each color way we release with the NTO core will be a unicorn of that offering from us at www.coolestshop.com so it is SUPER rare….so you know kids 😛

We decided to re-order more of the GEN 1 aluminum body and were able to piggyback on the WooSah! USA’s Kickstarter campaign they had just closed on and got the next run anodized…and we decided to get as many different colors as possible and that we did. Red, Blue, Green, Black, Gold, Orange and even PInk although the Pink ended up being only made in R188 style while all the other colors came both R188 and 608. Some of the bodies even came sandblasted which was a cool side effect to a anodizing snafu. (I think the blue, orange and red are the sandblasted colors)


There was originally talk of making a Stainless Steel bodied edition of this spinner but that has since been put on hold due to the success that WooSah! USA is having with their own line and the ever changing nature of the industry. We hope to see the SS version come out someday but for now you better hustle over and snag a 808 Spinner Gen1 while you still can…for all you know every single one of them is a Unicorn….dang near.

I appreciate the effort by Chris Branch and family getting this spinner to see the light of day. Our mutual agreement was that for every 100 spinner we had made we would both contribute to making an additional 10 spinners to donate to community thru organizations that will get them to children that are recovering or suffering from illness or injuries, emotional trauma, anywhere they can make a difference. This is a big part of what makes the ups downs and all arounds of the biz worth it in the end…the happiness that one can achieve from a proper spin session.
Aloha and WooSah!



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