Spinnicky Quatro SS body & Damasteel Weights/Buttons – Handmade Happiness Made 2 Order

Like the title suggests the Spinnicky spinners are all made to order, making them very unique to their owners. To my knowledge all of the spinners made under the Spinnicky name are made by the AWE factor. All of which is completed by the hands and efforts of Wayne J Everitt.

Another really unique factor to his ordering and options is you can get an acrylic base…and custom request colors. Even colors he does not stock…if you pre-order he will order it for you. How cool is that. As you can see I went for the stainless steel metal body….but I felt I had to when going for the VERY limited Bluetougue Damasteel Buttons and Weights set up….dang she pruddy right….aw shucks….I thought you would like it!

I liked this one so much I had to strike on the $40 off a pre-order deal he just dropped and ordered up a triple with a green/yellow acrylic body, SS weights and some of the same buttons as on this one cause I love the look and texture of the Bluetongue Damasteel on buttons I can’t help it.

I find the weight of the spinner to be really nice with this set up weighing 86.5 grams. The spinner is slightly smaller than you might expect from the pictures…I think the recent review by Spinspace Admin Fabian Botero to be very informative on the size, function and overall variance on options available. He also has some killer warping on a few throughout the video too which are fun to watch. That video review can be viewed here:

As far as spin time goes I got a solid 2+ minutes out of a hard two hand pull. This is not a spinner that you buy for some record breaking spins but it has plenty under the hood.

As I think I already mentioned I really really like the damasteel action….FOR SURE on the buttons cause they are just the bee’s knees! For those of you that are into pulling tricks this thing is SUPER stable in the air but the buttons are really small so they will keep you honest and tight on your landings….but totally usable for tricks…I don’t know how the acrylic would stand up to dropping but the metal can take it….if you can. It features a R188 bearing and the diameter of the buttons are not much larger then the bearing diameter….looks like you have a ring around the bearing diameter that is around 4-5 millimeters thick….so like I said…the landing area is petite….but you can swing it!

The best way to order is to join the AWE factor Facebook group and you will find all the information you need there:


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