WooSah! USA – Chakra – Nothing Short Of Legendary


If you are into spinners you have no doubt heard of WooSah! USA and the work by Chris Branch over in Washington State. The company of WooSah! USA has a great story behind it that you can read in it’s entirety on their Etsy about us info at the bottom of their Etsy page or on their company site too. All in all they are a family based business that started making the spinners for their children to use in school, and they began to get a large following on their Etsy page.

The Chakra was 1st launched on their Etsy page. You could sign up for the number that you wanted so the 1st people that bought a Chaka have a serial number engraved on theirs…as you can see I have #007 so this is my license to kill in the spin scene :P, but for real it is a fun community over at WooSah! USA Group on FB they really have a tight knit group. They also are super collectors so if there is ever a ‘Unicorn’ that gets dropped on the site you will find multiple people complaining about getting their cart snipped the next day.

The deal with the Charka is that it 1st was released as shown with a full polish…which eventually became too costly to make at the $90 retail price so they do make them from time to time but it is rare…mainly they have the machine finish and the brushed finish..both of which are really nice too.

Brushed finish:

Machine Finish:


After sometime they decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign which was the 1st place to ever purchase the BOSS spinner…but we are here to talk Chakra.  The Chakra is a beast, it sports a One Drop Bearing and it has been claimed by many to be smoother than the Trillium spinner made by One Drop. For me the Jury is out on that claim….I find them both to be stunningly smooth spinners, the Charka has more mass near the center point so it has totally different physics to it and Gyro effect in your hand compared to a Trillium but that is as far as I will go on it. Partially because I have yet to find much time to spin the Trillium I have to give too much feedback on it. I got a 3:30 in hand hard spin time from the Chakra just now…it is months old not serviced…I am not complaining. This is a spinner I can NEVER sell…the #007 will be a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation. Where is Mrs Moneypenny BTW I need a nightcap!!!

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