Yellowday Energy – Helix – There’s not another one like this

This is a spinner in a class of it’s own in my opinion. Some might say is sorta maybe kinda looks like a bunch of other existing spinners all cut up and put together?? Not really. The thing is large no doubt…the body is just over 2.5” in diameter…if you measure from the longest tip of one of the Steel pins to the opposite side it is at about 2.75”….freeking large one. As the Yellowday website this weighs in at 135 grams and I am gonna trust Kris Eliuk on that stat. This thing is really nice feeling in your hand too. There is a great media blasting to the finish of the larger Aluminum pieces that are where the COLORS happen on this bad boy.

So I have pictures of 2 different models here. I had already got in on the Kickstarter campaign to get the Green one on order when Kris came up with the BRAINCHILD of the Chroma….man does the Chroma look amazing! Not only does she look amazing she performs…I got just over 7:00 minutes on a in hand spin!!! Serious…like I kept zoning out and looking down to see if it was still spinning…my ADD kicked in could barely stay focused long enough to time it properly for the review. Whew….glad that it’s over might never do a full pin out like that with it ever again…ADD is a terrible thing 😛

Seriously…this thing is not for everyone. I have seen many selling in the 2nd hand market because of this, but there are plenty of people snatching them up quick cause this thing is so funky fresh that it has a lot of people curious. If YOU are one of those people look at it this way, by buying one retail price from Kris over at you will be supporting him directly and allowing him to continue to create new funky fresh designs.

I spoke with him on the phone awhile back and that is what he said his plan was to do. To keep producing other unique designs in the future…so long as there is enough support for the Helix. From what I have seen people are happy with their purchases and the few that are not are able to move them no problem.

The spinner does come with an laan wrench for adjusting the parts as you can take the spinner apart. Originally that was the thought behind the spinner was that you could wap out parts with others which in theory you could but I think it is better to leave them matched as they come for balancing purposes. Kris makes sure they are balanced before they leave the shop. The ones with softer metals for the pins might find that they need to tighten and adjust more than with the SS model. Other then that they both perform the same….long spin times…solid build…unique design. What more do you want man?

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