Nils Kohring • “7” • Prince tribute project • IAF • “ Inspirational Art Form”

I have been a huge Prince fan for a long time. I was stunned and dumbfounded when he suddenly passed away April 16 2017. I had recently became aware of the work of Nils Kohring  and had purchased one of his one-of-a-kind spinners…the Titty Twister. It was June 10th…a little over a year later that I first started discussing this project with Nils. I noticed that his logo is a series of 7 dots, and the song “7” is one of my favorite songs so I had this idea of commissioning Nils to make a Prince tribute spinner. In fact here is an excerpt from that 1st conversation:
I was and still am a HUGE Prince fan and the 7 in your logo…and the last Batman design scream PRINCE 2 ME….Purple Trits…and maybe leave the bottom cap blank so I can send it off to be laser engraved with the prince logo.:


(pictured above is the spinner I was referring to as the ‘Batman’ spinner)

By literally the next day, June 11th, Nils had fired over some pics of the 1st prototype…and a video. Damn it was amazing…how did he get on it so fast? I guess he really liked the idea too.

The concept with the original prototype was that there were 7 rubies on one side, representing his lavish life, and then 7 black stones symbolizing his death. Of course there is the Titty Twister pattern…making 7 even Titties…also symbolizing his lust for the flesh. Man…this piece is just amazing!!!


The body is made of nickel silver with a Titanium button.The original plan was to have the Prince logo engraved into the blank button. It turned out to be a lot harder to find someone to do it then we thought…I have since contacted Matt Costello about possibly getting this completed one day. After going thru the trouble of trying to figure out the Ti engraving….and some other points brought us to refine the design to be the design now available exclusively at, only 7 total will ever be made.  It wasn’t till around August that we got this one finally happening…which was perfect timing for the re-launch of which happened the 2nd week of August. 

This spinner is really nice. It give a around a minute long solid spin….and weighs in at 58   Grams. The 7 Rubies are placed equally around the perimeter and provide a nice angle to pull or flick off of. The body is made of 35 mm diameter Nickel Silver or “German Silver”. Thickness is about 8-9 mm. the rubies are 6.7 mm.
The bearing is a full ceramic 608.

One customer that already purchased one told me it quickly became his EDC and he loves it. The super cool part of this release is the pay-it-forward element of this product. Due to the fact that Prince was very into giving back to the community, often times without wanting any credit for the donations, we felt it was the proper thing to do the same. The spinner retails for $399 and $77 of that $$ goes to a charity that is chosen by the purchaser of the spinner. Breast Cancer and Homeless Shelters have been areas of support thus far…who knows where the next $77 will go to? That could be up 2 U….if U dare to come take a look at the Prince “7” spinner. It is unique and only 7 total will ever be made. Guaranteed to be rare…maybe after these go we work on the Diamonds & Pearls edition?

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