BER Float Reels • Spinner • The REEL DEAL!

From the moment I saw this spinner I kinda knew it was gonna be good. You can’t go wrong with a round, cog like shape for a spinner. We already know that. This one is nice and large, measuring 2 ⅞ inches in diameter. It weighs in as 59 grams. It is not heavy at all for it’s size since it is made of Aluminum and it has 8 holes drilled out of the core, removing weight and creating  nice weight differential that provides a good gyro effect for something that is made of aluminum. This is a ⅜” inch thick piece of metal. Not too thick, not too thick….just right.

Let’s take a look at the buttons. They look pretty flat but they do have a slight concavity to them or the smooth finish on them would prove to be a problem. The buttons measure ⅞” in diameter and are pretty thick at just under 3/16’s of an inch. The space between your fingers when holding in a pinch is 9/16’ if an inch. It has a really good feel.


Under the buttons you have a unique seating of the bearing, and a nice removable c-ring to make swapping bearings a breeze. Their posting for the spinner claims the bearing is an ABEC 7 … it is shielded and it runs smooth as butter i can tell you that. This spins as smooth as a one drop. Getting 2 min table spins and around 1:40 on a full in hand pull. The seating on this make it so that you would have to really know your stuff to get any other buttons to work on this but the buttons that come with are good, so no worries unless you wanted to customize.

The spinner is very stable and light for doing tricks. It flies very stable in the air. It is large in diameter, so for tricks that can be a blocker for some hands. This is as big around as a Mechforce Deltacore….at a fraction of the weight and cost.

Ok all the tech specs aside…there is a cool story here. This is being made and offered by a company that primarily makes fishing reels…in fact really really nice ones from the looks of it. Head designer and owner of the company, Ben Roubeni, had an idea and brought it to market. When chatting with him on FB messenger and asking him about his involvement in the spinner scene he replied with, “ I’m a amateur at best. I own a machine shop and manufacture primarily for aerospace and military. As well, I have my own proprietary product, a high end fly fishing reel. So when I saw my kids playing with spinners I set out to make one.”

The retail price on them is around $50 at this time and that price is a fair one. You are getting a very unique design and supporting a maker keep his products a float. In his design he claims that the holes in the center were designed to house other add on like weights and some other possible items that are in testing as I type. All in all this is a great spinner to add to your collection, especially if you like the bigger ones. Any fishermen in the family will love this too.

This thing is the REEL DEAL!!!

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