Steel Flame • Dreidel Ring Spin • Gimel for the WIN!

This was the 1st Ring Spin that I ever purchased and I have to say there are no regrets. In fact this thing is so cool and original in design I had to get two of them, one for each child so they would not fight over it. Plus, they are an investment in art in my opinion. This particular model appears to be fairly limited as I have not seen too many for sale on the open market. Either it was uber rare…or no one wants to sell it cause it is so cool.

I know it is not the 1st Ring Spin made, I get there is a history to it. My feeling is that the Dreidel game application to the spinner design itself just makes this SO much more interesting to actually be able to play the Dreidel game with the spinner…not just get a yes or no type of answer…it has all 4 sides of a Dreidel represented. Shin, Hay, Nun and everyone’s favorite Gimel. For those of you that are not familiar with the traditional Jewish game of Dreidel played at Chanukka time…here is a brief description of it from


  1. Any number of people can take part.
  2. Each player begins the game with an equal number of game pieces (about 10-15) such as pennies, nuts, chocolate chips, raisins, matchsticks, etc.
  3. At the beginning of each round, every participant puts one game piece into the center “pot.” In addition, every time the pot is empty or has only one game piece left, every player should put one in the pot.
  4. Every time it’s your turn, spin the dreidel once. Depending on the side it lands on, you give or get game pieces from the pot. For those who don’t read Hebrew, some dreidels also feature a transliteration of each letter. If yours doesn’t, use the photo below as a cheat sheet:
  5. a) Nun means “nisht” or “nothing.” The player does nothing.
  6. b) Gimel means “gantz” or “everything.” The player gets everything in the pot.
  7. c) Hey means “halb” or “half.” The player gets half of the pot. (If there is an odd number of pieces in the pot, the player takes half of the total plus one).
  8. d) Shin (outside of Israel) means “shtel” or “put in.” Peh (in Israel) also means “put in.” The player adds a game piece to the pot.
  9. If you find that you have no game pieces left, you are either “out” or may ask a fellow player for a “loan.”
  10. When one person has won everything, that round of the game is over!

Reprinted with permission from A Different Light: The Hanukkah Book of Celebration, published by the Shalom Hartman Institute and Devora Publishing.

So as you can see…this game can actually be played with the Ring Spin…problem is that most games you do not want to have to wait 1.5+ mins per spin for it to stop so in order to use this appropriately for an actual game of Dreidel I would think that there would need to be a way to stop the spin in mi spin and determining that “side” it has landed on from that.

Enough of the Dreidel game….you get that now eh? Let’s talk about the spinner. First off let’s give big props to the tactical carrying case, very carefully designed for full functionality. Very well padded but not bulky, small belt loop. Perfection in my opinion for a carrying case.

The weight of the whole spinner is 83 grams. The slug is 35g and the body is 48g. They are appropriately called a ‘slug’ as the larger side is modeled after an actual bullet casing. That is a huge theme in the Steel Flame line as they make gun accessories as well as their infamous ‘kill box’ pendants that are made from metal that is shot thru with a bullet in the shooting range then cut out around the bullet hole to be used as the centerpiece of the pendant. Wicked cool.

I can’t tell if I like it more as a in hand spinner or as Ring Spinner but I think I would have to go with the Ring Spin. It has a very unique fell to it as a Ring Spinner that really no one has copied to this point to much extent. Maybe the Snaggletooth one is close to this but I have never tried it so I don’t know. I do know that a Loophole or Mackie Lin Styx spinner feel nothing like this does. There is a unique property to the way the squared corners of the body work as weights and give the spinner it’s voice.

The patina is proper on this too…finishing superb. Everything is clean as a whistle.

Steel Flame Ring Spin is the real deal. Oh yeah…did you see the BLUE anodized screws…love that extra touch on there. Hope you have a great Chanukah! SHALOHA from my family to yours!

FidgetHQ • Tungsten Quasar Tri V2 a.k.a. Proxima Tri • W @ 1$/Gram …for real!

Let me start off by saying that it is unheard of for a Tungsten body spinner to be so affordable. Make no mistake…the Tungsten Quasar Tri V2 … I mean the Proxima Tri from FidgetHQ is a solid unit. Weighing in at 125 grams and costing $125 retail. $1 per gram, of Tungsten? That is pure crazy talk. Not only is this well priced, it has a very nice and sleek design for a full W spinner. There is an explanation to the confusion behind the name…because I pre-ordered it and at the time of pre-order it was called the Quasar V2 but was re-named after the pre-order closed to the Proxima Tri…there is a little back story to the name change here at the Instagram post regarding it.

There are a lot of facets on this spinner compared to many, and that is part of the design of this one that is appealing to me. So many faces on the spinner and corners, but it is well rounded out and there are really no hot spots to speak of….maybe very very subtle when doing a pull as hard as you can and you have your finger on one of the points, you notice it…like you do on a Rotablade Tri-Stubby…but nothing that will cause pain or bodily harm or anything like that.


The Tungsten Quasar V2 spins very nicely and provides a nice torque but not an overwhelming amount. The buttons are stainless steel, so you do not really have them contributing to the weight very much. When timing an in had spin I was getting over 3:30, pretty good for something this compact.

Here are the specs from the FidgetHQ website:

  • weight: estimated around 115-125 grams
  • size: 47mm diameter x 7.75mm thickness
  • V2 accepts 22mm and 23mm buttons & is compatible with most standard press-fit buttons
  • Fidget HQ R188 High Velocity V2 ceramic hybrid bearing (10-ball)
  • press/slip fit bearing
  • material: mil-spec grade 3 tungsten alloy 95% / buttons are stainless steel
  • serialized with COA, and number engraved on the body under the buttons caps.
  • free EDC pouch and cleaning cloth included

As you can see in the pics, there is a nice serial number engraved on the body as it said it would. I love it when makers do this, I feel it really adds value and meaning sometimes to those collecting them. As of now these are sold out, there is however a spot on the pace to sign up to be notified if they are going to come back available for pre-order. That is how Raja over at FidgetHQ is keeping their high-end spinners in demand thru having very small windows for the pre-sale being open, sometimes only for a day…and when it closes that is that. You have to wait for one to appear on the secondary market, or for Raja Kapur to get some more made.

As the title suggests..this spinner is a great value. I do not know where you will find a better made, lower price on a full Tungsten body spinner on the market. Good job on this one Raja! Keep up the good work! Make sure to sign up for the Fidget HQ Facebook Page as well as their Instagram page to be fully updated on all the releases. 

Fidgetstyx • Finger Roller • Hand Made with Aloha & Wood

I am happy to introduce my very own adaptation of the Knucklebone, or the Knuckle Roller, not sure what is “OK” to call these things besides the BRAND NAME I came up with of FIDGETSTYX. After my recent review of the Knucklebone by Around Square I quickly began making some of my own in my wood shop, I have not been inspired to make much in there the past few year so I was excited to get going on this project. I have beeb collecting wood from various woodworkers that I have met over the years that love how I enjoy using their leftover scraps to make my creations. This Fidgitstyx pictured below is made of a nice piece of furniture grade plywood. I love how the layers pop and have so much inner texture and patterns.

One of my personal favorites to carry around daily are the ones I have been making out of some flooring remnants that I has from when we had to re-do the hardwood floors in the bedrooms in our home. This is made from solid oak flooring pieces, and it has an amazing texture to it once sanded. I sand all of them down to 320 or 400 grit. To get them nice and smooth.

The vary slightly in size due to being hand made. Most run 2 5/8″ – 2 7/8″ in length. The oak weighing in a proud 6 grams, while the plywood will be more like 5 grams and something like this one in Pine is like 5.5 grams:

All the pieces are treated with wood oil that is food safe and totally non toxic. Be on the look out for more custom, one-of-a-kind pieces like MrEyeballface here…the design in burned in with a pyrography knife. Good time. Love me some wood burning. mmm hmm.

I have these marked down 50% for a special introductory price…for now. So if you want to get one for a stocking stuffer, or for your own self enjoyment I won’t stop you. Thanks for checking out this post. Spin on and spin wisely.


Steampunk • Phat Boy Nano • Damasteel • Size Matters

This spinner is amazingly awesome for how freeking small it is. It is smaller in diameter than a quarter. It weighs in at a whopping 21.5 grams and it spins silent…with those tiny balls. Here is a description of the bearings off the Steampunk website:
Features an UNBELIEVABLE custom bearing with tiny balls (I know, we get it) that spin like 100% ceramic on steroids. It is in fact, hybrid ceramic and contains Grade 5 ceramic Si3N4 balls that allow the bearing to spin 50% faster than a traditional steel bearing. They come Lube Dry and have been cleaned and are free of all grease and oils. So this thing ROCKS out of the BOX.

It does really rock out of the box. I get just under or at a one minute spin time in my hand…but that is a lot for such alight spinner. It is truly in a class of it’s own being this size and being made out of solid Damasteel Heimskfingla steel. This spinner is really a joy to spin and very easy to carry. Since it spins so quietly it is a great spinner to use in situations where a loud one might be a distraction.

These are not made all the time so act while you can. They have them available at the Steampunk website as well as over at

Check em out!

Valence Knives • Antimatter • Holy Mother Of God!!! Just LOOOOOOK at IT!


Take a deep breath and relax…cause I am JACKED outta my friggin MIND on this one kids so hold tight because I just do not know how to try to talk about the Anti-Matter spinner from Valence Knives and not spaz out. 1st things 1st….yes this thing cost a pretty penny….just in at $600 total shipped but did you look at what we have here?

In case you are totally new to the Anti Matter spinner design by Ilya Pasumanskiy at Valence Knives…it is modular. The entire spinner comes apart into different pieces, allowing you to mix and match with other Anti-Matter spinners or to upgrade and change your existing model. No glue here people, easy to take apart and swap bearings OR weight sets.

Here is a description from the Valence website of the construction of the spinner:
Features a “no-screws” assembly- everything is held together with the bearing retainer which utilizes my very own “P-LBRS” (Pre-loaded bearing retention system) that is unique to my spinners.

Antimatter spinner has 2 piece frame construction which sandwiches inlays and end weight inserts which are available in a wide range of materials including but not limited to Timascus, Damascus, Mokume, Superconductor. You can change the look and rotating weight of your spinner by changing to end inserts and inlays of different material.

It’s not like I sat down and said to the universe….I think I should spend $600 on a spinner today…it was not like that. There is a sign up sheet on the Valence Knives website, there you choose the base items that you want for your build. Starting with the base….at the time of my order it was all pro-order basis and the other parts like the weights and inlays were all not available at the time of securing a spot on the pre-order…so I kept stacking up parts and costs. The thing is I have zero regrets. This thing is equally as badass then the Artifact spinner from Chris Bathgate in my opinion and you get to custom order exactly what you want making the option of having basically a one of a kind piece of art that you helped design.

The one you are looking at here has a Zirconuim body, that I asked to be anodized pink and green and get a stonewashing. The weights and the inlays are Timascus, I had something else like mokume ordered for the inlays but Ilya got at me and suggested the Timascus inlays to match the weights and I am glad I took his suggestion….I love this thing. Really it is just freeking lovely…can’t wait to get some other weight sets and start messing with it some day…or get me a few more Anti-matters…was not expecting to want more then one of these but not only does it appeal to the eye…it really has a special feel to it when it spins.

Yes…I have spun this thing. I have even tried aerial tricks with it (over the end of my bed of course) and let me tell you…this thing hovers in the air…it really is like anti-matter…I love how it flies..holds it’s spin so tight and is really easy to land. The buttons have a nice concavity to them and a solid outer rim, allowing you to hold the spinner securely in many positions with little effort or force applied. Now just in hand spinning it feel amazing as well. The is a very unique gyro effect that you get, maybe due to the distribution of weight between the outer weights and the inner body? I don’t know…I am not a scientist but I know that it just feels damn good to spin. When holding it in a pinch grip and rotating from side to side to really feel the gyro it is super tight…like no other spinner I have I have to say. I can’t imagine what this would be like with some Tungsten weights on there. This spinner has to be the most high-end modular spinner on the market…and I really can’t stress more how impressed with it I am.  I timed over 2 min 30 seconds in hand spin time. The total weight of my model is 76.5 grams…no not a bad spin time for a relatively lightweight spinner for it’s size.

The cool thing is you can start with a more entry level $200 model and then add onto it as you feel like it…you do not have to go full exotic metals right away, although he does have some pretty tempting options as you will see. I highly recommend you check out the work of Ilya over at Valence Knives…it is companies like this with top level products and service that will keep the spinner industry interesting for the customers and push the competition to step up their game. Thank you Ilya for bringing this spinner to market in the way that you have, I wish you much success with it. ALOHA!