FidgetHQ • Tungsten Quasar Tri V2 a.k.a. Proxima Tri • W @ 1$/Gram …for real!

Let me start off by saying that it is unheard of for a Tungsten body spinner to be so affordable. Make no mistake…the Tungsten Quasar Tri V2 … I mean the Proxima Tri from FidgetHQ is a solid unit. Weighing in at 125 grams and costing $125 retail. $1 per gram, of Tungsten? That is pure crazy talk. Not only is this well priced, it has a very nice and sleek design for a full W spinner. There is an explanation to the confusion behind the name…because I pre-ordered it and at the time of pre-order it was called the Quasar V2 but was re-named after the pre-order closed to the Proxima Tri…there is a little back story to the name change here at the Instagram post regarding it.

There are a lot of facets on this spinner compared to many, and that is part of the design of this one that is appealing to me. So many faces on the spinner and corners, but it is well rounded out and there are really no hot spots to speak of….maybe very very subtle when doing a pull as hard as you can and you have your finger on one of the points, you notice it…like you do on a Rotablade Tri-Stubby…but nothing that will cause pain or bodily harm or anything like that.


The Tungsten Quasar V2 spins very nicely and provides a nice torque but not an overwhelming amount. The buttons are stainless steel, so you do not really have them contributing to the weight very much. When timing an in had spin I was getting over 3:30, pretty good for something this compact.

Here are the specs from the FidgetHQ website:

  • weight: estimated around 115-125 grams
  • size: 47mm diameter x 7.75mm thickness
  • V2 accepts 22mm and 23mm buttons & is compatible with most standard press-fit buttons
  • Fidget HQ R188 High Velocity V2 ceramic hybrid bearing (10-ball)
  • press/slip fit bearing
  • material: mil-spec grade 3 tungsten alloy 95% / buttons are stainless steel
  • serialized with COA, and number engraved on the body under the buttons caps.
  • free EDC pouch and cleaning cloth included

As you can see in the pics, there is a nice serial number engraved on the body as it said it would. I love it when makers do this, I feel it really adds value and meaning sometimes to those collecting them. As of now these are sold out, there is however a spot on the pace to sign up to be notified if they are going to come back available for pre-order. That is how Raja over at FidgetHQ is keeping their high-end spinners in demand thru having very small windows for the pre-sale being open, sometimes only for a day…and when it closes that is that. You have to wait for one to appear on the secondary market, or for Raja Kapur to get some more made.

As the title suggests..this spinner is a great value. I do not know where you will find a better made, lower price on a full Tungsten body spinner on the market. Good job on this one Raja! Keep up the good work! Make sure to sign up for the Fidget HQ Facebook Page as well as their Instagram page to be fully updated on all the releases. 

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