Fidgetstyx • Finger Roller • Hand Made with Aloha & Wood

I am happy to introduce my very own adaptation of the Knucklebone, or the Knuckle Roller, not sure what is “OK” to call these things besides the BRAND NAME I came up with of FIDGETSTYX. After my recent review of the Knucklebone by Around Square I quickly began making some of my own in my wood shop, I have not been inspired to make much in there the past few year so I was excited to get going on this project. I have beeb collecting wood from various woodworkers that I have met over the years that love how I enjoy using their leftover scraps to make my creations. This Fidgitstyx pictured below is made of a nice piece of furniture grade plywood. I love how the layers pop and have so much inner texture and patterns.

One of my personal favorites to carry around daily are the ones I have been making out of some flooring remnants that I has from when we had to re-do the hardwood floors in the bedrooms in our home. This is made from solid oak flooring pieces, and it has an amazing texture to it once sanded. I sand all of them down to 320 or 400 grit. To get them nice and smooth.

The vary slightly in size due to being hand made. Most run 2 5/8″ – 2 7/8″ in length. The oak weighing in a proud 6 grams, while the plywood will be more like 5 grams and something like this one in Pine is like 5.5 grams:

All the pieces are treated with wood oil that is food safe and totally non toxic. Be on the look out for more custom, one-of-a-kind pieces like MrEyeballface here…the design in burned in with a pyrography knife. Good time. Love me some wood burning. mmm hmm.

I have these marked down 50% for a special introductory price…for now. So if you want to get one for a stocking stuffer, or for your own self enjoyment I won’t stop you. Thanks for checking out this post. Spin on and spin wisely.


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