Aroundsquare Knucklebone Ti and Derlin XL Steady Rollin All Day Long

I recently purchased and reviewed the Stainless Steel Knucklebone on here back in late November….since then I have been hooked on Knuckle Rollers like crack. In fact this product inspired me to start making my own out of wood that I now sell under the nam Fidgetstyx, but we are here to talk about my new scores from AroundSquare by mastermind Matthew Hiebert and co.

From the moment I got the SS Knucklebone I was hooked, but I longed for something a little lighter. I finally scored me a Ti Knucklebone which comes in at a much lighter weight of 45 grams. Not only is it lighter it is media blasted or something because it has a great subtle texture to it so I feel that there is a little more grip when trying to push the envelope on new moves. Side by side this is the one I would have to take if I was to only choose one….but they both have great qualities to them so i think I might have to keep both. 😛 The other thing that I like about the Ti is the patch that it comes with is a nice blue/grey colorway. You can see it in the mail call photo shown below..

Next up is the Derlin Knucklebone in size XL. I already knew I was going to LOVE the XL size as I have been making some of my own rollers in that size too and found I really like them for learning new tricks and for a totally different feel and routine. What I was not sure about was the Derlin itself…how would I like it…and I have to say…it’s pretty freaking cool. It is not slippery like I was worried it might me like…there is a nice subtle texture to the Derlin as well, I think due to the micro lines formed from the CNC process? Matt correct me if I am wrong and I will update the post. The Delrin comes with a nice black drawstring bag that has the Aroundsquare logo embroidered on it. The Derlin XL shown here weighs 15 grams. It is a perfect size and weight for beginners and experts alike.

On a general note regarding size, I highly recommend trying out a larger size even if you are a beginner because I have found that some tricks are much easier to learn on a larger roller then adapted down to a smaller one…which did not occur to me originally I thought it might be the opposite. Again…this may vary from person to person but sharing my personal observations.

The last but not least thing I got in this most recent Aroundsquare mail call was my very first Beglari, you can see them in the mail call pic you already passed in this article….I will post on that later after I have had a few days to remember how to tie a proper knot. WEBELOS training don’t fail me now!!!

For those of you interested in following the product from Aroundsquare I highly suggest you follow the Aroundsquare  Facebook page…and follow the FB group Finger Skill Toys too while you are at it. There are sure to be a lot of amazing things coming from them in 2018.

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