Mountaintops EDC • Superconductor Star • Mountains Above the Rest

It was back on June 23rd 2017 that I originally purchased this spinner from Mountaintops EDC .  Full price. $525 plus paypal fees…”What the hell did I just do?” I was thinking. I know I supported  killer talented artist, Blake Sancoff, in supporting his art by making this purchase but I just was not at the pace yet spending that dollar amount on spinners at all. Over $150 was a high price tag for me at the time.

Well it’s Jan. 1th 2018 and if you are following the reviews I have been posting here on then you know that right now…a $525 spinner for me is not by any means common place but I am not freaking out when I open the plastic wrapping for the first time. That is on detail I did not capture in a photograph but Blake sends everything he makes in separate plastic packaging that is sealed with a machine. He is the only maker I have run into that does that. If you never open the plastic there is NO WAY your spinner should ever touch air that is not already trapped in the packaging with the spinner. Ice touch Blake.

So this spinner weighs in at 46 grams. Not really hefty. The original posting had the following technical information posted about it:

1.85″ Titanium Body

-Machined cuts

-matte finish

Superconductor inlay


-matte finish

Fully machined buttons with Bottle cap cut Zirc and and superconductor.

To see the original posting on the Mountaintops EDc site clink the link below:

I get about a one minute spin time in hand…that is with the Superconductor button facing up and pinching the spinner in between both fingers. There is a nice rumble to the spin torque that it gives. Maybe due to the deep etching on the superconductor making it virtually impossible to render a perfectly balanced spinner. For how funky this thing is it spins really nice. That being said…it rumbles a bit like a Harley….if you try to spin on one finger tip there is a jutter to it…just how she spins.  


Here is the problem. I bought this spinner to sell it. It came with magnetic buttons. I do not often like magnetic buttons and since there was a minor flaw in them Blake agreed to convert them to threaded buttons. has come back to me from Blake. I spin it today in order to report on it for the review. I am now torn. Not sure I really want to sell it. Put so much time an effort into it and it is just darn beautiful to me. The colors on the Zirc. The variation of the coloring from side to side. The superconductor button to complinet the inner body of superconductor. Damn you Blake! If I do sell it it would be posted for sale on the Vault page at coolestshop

On top of it all Blake has been dropping these new spinner sticks that have been leaving my jaw dropping the past few months on them too. Holy hell in a handbasket Batman! Then….there is what his name is…TOPS….shoots man this guy puts out some AMAZING product drops. Guaranteed 1-of-a-kind item every time. No conveyor belts here kids. I highly suggest you check out his work at because it is more than just function…it’s the art part that is out of this world…he is Mountain Tops higher in quality and originality than most in the biz. Thanks Blake!

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