Fidgety Uk • Spinet Pro • The Full Package


The Spinet Pro is an all around solid performer especially for the price, well worth it. The Stainless Steel model is just $68, $75 for the Copper and the Gold plated is $82….yes I said Gold plated. The Gold model is coated Stainless Steel.

For those that are interested in doing tricks with a metal tri-spinner this is a great model to start with. This thing has ZERO hot spots. It is completely smooth and rounded everywhere. You won’t get clipped by any hot edges when working on your ariel grabs. The weight we got on the SS model is 73 grams, Copper 79 grams and the Gold coated SS weighed in at 73 grams also. Keep in mind these are done is a UBER high polish. If you want to keep it that polished it will take some commitment from the owner.

I also like this spinner for straight up in hand spinning. It has a nice feel. I like that they use a bearing retention system so that bearing removal is super easy. The bearing that come in the spinner work great. They are not the quietest bearings on the market but they work very well, I personally like them when they make a little sound, the ultra smooth no sound ones are too smooth for me sometimes.  I get about 2 min on an in hand spin with the bearings right out of the box, should increase once they get broken in.

The buttons are really nice. Not super heavy, and have a great shape. There is a nice ridge on the outer lip and a perfect amount of concavity to them for all purposes. I personally have a lot of spinners that I do not use the stock buttons with, these are not in that category because these are really perfect to me shape wise….exactly what I like. One button has the logo and one is plain. The buttons work well for tricks I think because they are seated well above the spinner body and the body is so sleek in shape.

If you are buying as a gift this comes very well packaged and with a logo carrying bag. What more can you ask for? As I said in the intro, good spinner for the money all the way around. I think it’s cool to be able to get a gold plated version, and to not have it break the bank.

You can purchase these direct from Fidgety UK or from


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