Metalworn • Turbine IV • Original In Every Way

This is the fourth installment in the Turbine line from Johnny Doueihi at Metalworn and it is not one to be slept on. This spinner is not for those that like them small, it’s 68 mm by 45 mm and weighs around 145 grams. It’s solid. Made from Titanium and Zirconium in a style that on Metalworn can bring you.

The anodizing on these is remarkable. Each one is one of a kind essentially. No one is exactly the same due to the way that Johnny does hiw work. The main body is Zirconium and has some nice hand done detailing. If you look close on the pics there is texture lines that are put in there by hand. Really nice.  

That being said the Turbine is hefty…as most Turbines are. The design of the piece puts it into the category of Art in my opinion. There are few makers that can deliver such a raw element combined with crispy clean elements all in one properly balanced and performing masterpiece.


Now the Tritium slots….they are big ones. It can hold a total of 4 vials (3.. X 15mm) sized ones. That would make it nice and bright for sure. I have yet to see pics of one upgraded with Tritium vials but I am sure that it would be great especially due to the large size you can install.

Let me tell you one thing I know for sure…Metalworn buttons are the BOMB! Look at the detail. There are holes with varying diameters and depths, and then look at the texture on the flat surfaces. These are just sweet. In fact I feel like the buttons are ⅓-½  of the reason to buy one of these or any Metalworn spinner for that matter. Amazing detail in th buttons. Have you seen the Beacon buttons lately? Oh man! Next level texture and detailing.


Metalworn is unique in everything that they do. THey have been doing Zirconium for awhile, well before the recent Zirconium craze that the scene is seeing. They do things with Zirc that not many bother doing and it is simply wonderful to hold these Turbine Iv’s in your hand. They also spin like a dream….all that weight…and the shape gives it a killer feel in hand and good spin times to boot, I am getting around….  This is the first R188 bearing spinner offered from Metalworn and I am sure it will not be the last.

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