The Russian Probe : Custom Knife Factory transcripts released!!!

The Russian Files : The Truth about Custom Knife Factory straight from the maker himself Mr Mikhail Kulygin. We had to wait until the FBI, CIA, and SPINFAM gave us permission to leak the following data. This is the full transcript of the interview conducted via FB messenger on January 17th 2018 betweenMikhail Kulygin and Garth Marriott…enjoy:

Garth Marriott: What time is it there now?

Mikhail Kulygin: 8:49 am

GM: nice it is 7:49 pm here…wednesday

MK: thursday here 

GM: when did you make your first spinner?
You do knives mostly yes?

MK: Yes, we make knives. Custom Knife factory brand. First spinner was ready for sales in October 2016
Pepyakka 1.0 model, 200pcs limited project.

GM: Is the 3K really the last spinner for you?

MK: Yes. Although making spinners (I mean, complex and quality spinners) is like mining money, it takes time and makes our Fans a bit disappointed. So we decided to make our last one spinner and quit. Knives are more interesting in all means, imo.

GM: Understood
Get out while you are still hot
like Seinfeld did ?

MK: yes, i am proud of what we could do with the last 3K

GM: Yeah man that thing looks INSANE
What is the weight on that  compared to the S…

MK: oh, it has weight of 3.24oz(91g)

GM: so there is an inner spinner that spins separate from the main spinner, or two pieces…

MK: Yes, there is smth like spinner (blue titanium anodized ring), that spins separately. Just for fun.

GM: super cool looking
how many did you make of those

MK: There will be 600pcs. About 250 are sold by now
we make very small batches, that spinner is very complicated to make it fast

GM: gotcha…you make all the parts there in your own factory in Russia?

MK: No, we assemble it, make fit and finish here in Moscow. All part are produced at our factory in China. We have our last gen. CNC machine there, so precision is outstanding, not like common Chinese spinners that we see on market.

GM: That makes sense. Cool.
What about your knives.
Where do you manufacture them?

MK: Same structure: parts –> importing here to Russia –> assembling –> customizing

GM: Cool

MK: no matter where your CNC is. Design and people matter.

GM: I agree 100% When did you start the company?

MK: CKF (Custom Knife Factory) started 6 years ago as separate division of my online knives shop

GM: In most business people matter.


GM: Awesome.

MK: I’ve been selling knives for 12 years. then decided to make several knives by my friends’ design.

GM: So you sell knives from may different makers, I see. Cool

MK: yes, i own multi-brand shop in Russia.

GM: you have a physical store too?

MK: Yes, also in Moscow. You’re welcome to visit us and our Museum of spinners also

GM: What is the address if people want to visit…it sounds cool

MK: Moscow, Udaltsova 27. Always welcome) Manager Katia (that girl who sold 6000+ spinners to the spin fam) is sitting there ? afk 15 min

GM: awesome!!! love it. I need to post the article including the reviews of the spinners I have from you…should be good….a little late maybe…but worth it. I will let you know when I get on that and post up the reviews & interview. thanks for your time

MK: Thank you for what you do, Garth!

GM: You too brother

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