One of a kind SPOOKY SPINNER – Gaika Ring Spinner

Let’s start off by saying DAMN! This is one amazing spinner. Now I am not just saying that because there is only ONE of these in existence, well let me rephrase that…there is only one in existence with the custom Halloween inspired art that has then been back filled with glow resin. I am this thing is a grail amongst grails…even IF it was not a cool spinner, but it is more than that.

It is not only a great compact tri spinner it is also a great ring spinner. According to the maker, CompoForm, the weight of the spinner is 103 grams. It is 58 mm in diameter. The thickness is 17mm. Spin time is over 4 minutes. This is the information given on the pre-order form that they have online if you decide you want to order one. I have ordered from CompoFrom in the past and they are very trustworthy and have great communication. This spinner I was lucky enough to win in a waffle that was posted on the Fidget Spot Facebook page. This is the only waffle I have ever won and might be the coolest waffle that I could have ever won so I have to say I was very very very pleased.

I like this spinner both as a ring spinner and with the caps on as a regular spinner. It functions as both very well. As I mentioned before I also enjoy the size, it spins with the fell of a slightly larger spinner then it actually is. I also LOVE the wooden holders that CompoForm is known for.

The spinner came with a custom pouch made by Sentinel Hanks and Pouches and fits this puppy like a glove with the wooden case and really well without the case as well. They do great custom work so if you are looking for any custom hanks or pouches hit them on the link above at their FB page and they will be sure to take care of you.

I do not plan to sell this at the moment BUT if I change my mind the vault page on would be the place you might find this badboy for sale.  Gonna try to keep this one in the permanent collection  if I can afford to 😛

As always thanks for stopping by. Till next time….spin on you crazy diamond!

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