Made with Aloha Round 2 • 808 Gen2 by Steampunk

The idea for an 808 spinner was not some epic brainchild, just simply that I live in Hawaii and thought “ We should totally start making some 808 shaped spinners.” There was no rocket science involved, not really too much design either. I left that to the makers to “play” around with. Based on the Gen1 bing made to be an entry level spinner since I knew we could only have the Gen1 made in Aluminum I really wanted the Gen2 to be made of a higher end metal, so we went with copper and titanium. Opposite sides of the spectrum of weight amongst other attributes.

My favorite part about how this design came out was that the Steampunk crew felt the holes in the “8”’s needed to go all the way through and I totally agree 100%. Yes it increased the cost a ton but the final result is totally worth it. The piece is stunning, it really made the “808” pop.

For a bar spinner the 808 Gen2 is very very stable…it is ½” thick, built of the same specs as the Steampunk Phat Boy so it can use any buttons or core adaptors that are made for them too.  The bottom line is not only did the spinner turn out stunning to look at, it spins like a dream too. In fact the Steampunk crew asked if they could keep one of the run and trade for some other spinners of theirs cause they liked it so much….I was down….so there were really only 9 sent to and 7 that were made available for purchase. At the time of this article there is one Ti model left and a few Cu and odds are these will not be offered again. If you are a collector of fidget spinners and have any connection to Hawaii I would suggest taking a look at these. Very very well made and stunning to look at, you can’t go wrong.

I love the Ti as much as the Cu version. The Titanium model is obviously an easier ‘carry’ weighing in at 81 grams while the Copper model weighs 138 grams….BEASTMODE.

Did you see that beautiful OG full ceramic 608 bearing in there too??? She is a rumbler!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and please as always spin well and spin on….today will be a memory tomorrow. One love.


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